Ep. 8 - Ryan O'Shea on Dangerous Minds

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This special episode of the Future Grind podcast features an interview that the team at Dangerous Minds did with Future Grind host Ryan O'Shea for their podcast, which you can find here - http://www.thejustcast.com/shows/doug-copeland-dangerous-minds-podcast/audioposts/305872

They asked Ryan about his role with Grindhouse Wetware, the philosophical questions surrounding consciousness and identity, Ryan's artificial intelligence startup Behaivior, and when we can expect biohacking technology to gain mainstream acceptance.

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Show Notes

  • What Ryan does [1:15]

  • What is transhumanism? [2:30]

  • The origin of Grindhouse Wetware & Ryan’s role in it [3:05]

  • Handling the media portrayal of biohacking [4:23]

  • The shift in media & public acceptance of biohacking [6:25]

  • Grindhouse roles & when to stay in stealth mode [7:50]

  • The purpose of the Future Grind podcast [9:11]

  • What draws Ryan to the biohacking movement [9:52]

  • Why Ryan doesn’t have an implant yet, & when everyone will [11:38]

  • Going from a niche subculture to a major industry [13:10]

  • The benefits and shortcomings of finger magnets [14:52]

  • What is holding biohacking back from wide acceptance? [16:46]

  • Neuroplasticity, memories, & philosophy of mind [19:01]

  • Morality, humanity, & identity [21:45]

  • What is consciousness & who are you? [23:53]

  • Policy change & future-focused laws [25:28]

  • Closed source vs. open source [26:17]

  • Security vs. privacy [27:51]

  • Unwarranted fears & government tracking [30:11]

  • The evolution of Grindhouse & Cion Labs [31:54]

  • “Getting out of the garage” [33:25]

  • What is a grinder? What is a biohacker? [34:15]

  • When does something become biohacking? [35:56]

  • Differences & similarities between medicine & biohacking [38:14]

  • Looking forward to brain-computer interfaces [41:10]

  • Hacking & viruses - balancing benefit & risk [42:28]

  • Cyborg rights & moratoriums on experimentation [44:36]

  • Cyborgs & self-identification [47:19]

  • Advice to someone interested in biohacking [51:22]

  • Changing minds through conversation & exposure [52:43]

  • Making the world a better place [53:49]

  • What’s next for Grindhouse - Northstar V2, Circadia [54:37]

  • Collaboration within the biohacking community [56:32]

  • NASA & biohacking’s relation to space travel [58:53]

  • How to make biohacking mainstream [1:00:48]

  • How to follow along with Ryan [1:02:46

  • Parting thoughts [1:03:44]


Zoltan Istvan
The Transhumanist Party
Tim Cannon
Grindhouse Wetware
Sam Harris' TED Talk - Science Can Answer Moral Questions
Elon Musk & Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Hyperloop
NASA JPL's Solar System Ambassadors
Cyborg Nest
Dangerous Things
Christopher Jannette & Ripple Aerospace

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