Ep. 7 - The Ethics of Experimentation with Alex Pearlman

In this episode of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O'Shea interviews bioethicist and journalist Alex Pearlman about the ethics of experimentation, the future of gene editing technology (including CRISPR/Cas9), inclusivity in futurism, and more. Alex is currently receiving an advanced degree in bioethics from King's College London and has written extensively on the subject of gene editing and human enhancement for outlets such as New Scientist, International Business TimesBoston MagazineViceMotherboardAl JazeeraWBURPRI's The World, and more.

Note - Alex is a new mom, so you may hear some (remarkably cute) baby noises in the background of this podcast.

Find Alex online - alexpearlman.com@lexikon1

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Show Notes

  • What a bioethicist does  [1:09]
  • How do academics react to biohacking? [2:02]
  • Why Alex considers herself a biohacker [3:13]
  • The crossover between medicine & biohacking [5:35]
  • Alex’s experience with an implant and ultimate rejection [7:59]
  • How regimented should biohacking experimentation be? [11:37]
  • How CRISPR piqued her interest in human augmentation [14:53]
  • Which biohacking techniques will be most impactful? [16:34]
  • The precedent set by cosmetic surgery [18:40]
  • The risk of gene editing for nefarious purposes [21:25]
  • Risk of government & corporate overreach [27:40]
  • Accessibility and inclusivity in Transhumanism and Futurism [29:08]
  • America or the UK, which is more futurist friendly? [35:28]
  • The Ethics of Experimentation [37:45]
  • What’s next for Alex [39:37 ]
  • The future of reproductive health [40:24]
  • Where to find Alex [43:46]


Zoltan Istvan
The Transhumanist Party
Tim Cannon
Grindhouse Wetware
Motherboard, "DIY Cyborg"
George Church
Alex Pearlman, "The Ethics of Experimentation: Ethical Cybernetic Enhancements"

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