Ep. 1 - Tim Cannon on Biohacking and Transhumanism

The long awaited first episode of the Future Grind podcast is finally here! In this episode host Ryan O'Shea speaks with Tim Cannon, an entrepreneur, software developer, and biohacker that currently heads up the biotechnology startup Grindhouse Wetware. Tim and his company have been featured on the National Geographic Channel, Joe Rogan Questions Everything on SyFy, and publications such as Wired, Popular Science, MAKE Magazine, and many more. He's not satisfied with the biologically-imposed limits on human strength, intelligence, and lifespan, and he is determined to overcome them.

Note: The thoughts of the guests on this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of Future Grind or Ryan O'Shea. Human augmentation is dangerous and things can go wrong. We strongly advise against self-surgery of any kind, and you should consult with a trained medical doctor before moving forward with any type of human augmentation.

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Show Notes

  • Tim can open locked doors and sense electromagnetic fields without touching anything [1:34]

  • Healthcare - the flawed biohacking industry [4:19]

  • You're already a transhuman biohacker whether you know it or not - everyone is [5:04]

  • Improving yourself is rational [9:00]

  • Why organ donation is weird & there's no "magic in the meat" [11:35]

  • Technology makes us more human & we're living in the best time in history [16:06]

  • Practical transhumanism - increasing consciousness & extending the idea of the body [19:39]

  • The potential of Grindhouse's Bottlenose device [22:13]

  • Future crime & technological risks to humanity (Fermi Paradox?) [25:00]

  • Business leaders ("the 1%") are preparing; the boat is here [30:04]

  • The necessity of crowdsourcing and citizen science [32:22]

  • Zoltan Istvan, the Transhumanist Party, and the need for a mindset change [34:02]

  • Morphological freedom [37:55]

  • Tips for getting involved in biohacking and citizen science [40:04]


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Dave Asprey and Bulletproof
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Sam Harris
Elon Musk
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Dmitry Itskov and the 2045 Initiative
Zoltan Istvan and The Transhumanist Party
Steven Kotler and the Flow Genome Project

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