Ep 2. - Space Exploration and Mars Colonization with Christopher Jannette

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In this installment of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O'Shea travels to Washington DC to talk space exploration, Mars colonization, and much more with the innovative founder of TRED Laboratories and United Frontiers, Christopher Jannette.

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Show Notes

  • Sagan's Telos and how service in the U.S. Air Force served as a catalyst for Christopher [1:39]

  • What is TRED, partnering with Mars Polar, & exploring the controversial Mars One [5:31]

  • Using technology to reach a state of abundance [10:35]

  • Humans are a transcendent species, so why are we stuck on Earth? [12:52]

  • Space colonization is a much needed insurance policy for life [15:23]

  • Changing our perspectives - what matters when we outlast countries, or even Earth? [17:00]

  • Biologically imposed weaknesses need to be overcome, & bioengineering is an option [18:17]

  • The anthropocene and creation of a new Cambrian explosion [20:34]

  • Can life overcome the ultimate fate of the universe? [22:32]

  • Elon Musk, the Hitler Problem, & overcoming the bioengineering fear factor [24:28]

  • Off-world biospheres & the powerful complexity of nature [26:02]

  • Collaboration, Robots Without Borders, Luna, and the amazing future of AI [29:25]

  • The Age of Application, standing on the edge of the Age of Wonder [35:54]


Mars Polar
Mars One
B.J. Murphy's Serious Wonder article on Mars Polar
Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo
Tim Cannon and Grindhouse Wetware
Ray Kurzweil
Elon Musk
The Long Now Foundation
Science fiction author Larry Niven
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Wait But Why's interview with Elon Musk
Ryan Bethencourt
Biosphere 2, and Paragon Space
Dennis Tito and Inspiration Mars
XPRIZE Foundation
Robots Without Borders - Christopher would like you to support them!
Ben Goertzel and Open Cog
Peter Diamandis
No Man's Sky

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