Ep. 42 - The Magic of Biohacking with Anastasia Synn

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In this installment of the Future Grind podcast host Ryan O’Shea speaks with Anastasia Synn, a Las Vegas-based magician that uses her over two dozen implants both in her live performances and in her daily life. Anastasia is a pioneer in the biohacking and transhumanist communities, using her network and creativity to think up incredible new uses for implanted technology. Anastasia has been prominently featured in national and international media, and she has testified in support of augmentative technology in front of the Nevada State Legislature. She also stars in a new Hulu documentary profiling her husband, famed comedian and magician The Amazing Johnathan.

They discuss Anastasia’s use of implants, her path to the biohacking community, her vision for the future, and more.

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Show Notes

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