Ep. 36 - Amanda Plimpton on Livestock Labs and the Biohacking Community


In this installment of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O’Shea speaks with with Amanda Plimpton, the Chief Operations Officer for Livestock Labs. Livestock Labs is a tech startup that is creating implantable devices to track the health and wellness of cattle. They spun out of the work of Grindhouse Wetware, a collective focused on human enhancement, and they hope to soon return to the human augmentation space. Amanda has previously spoken DEF CON’s Biohacking Village on the topic of Psychoactive Chemicals in Combat, and is well known for her work in the biohacking and human augmentation community.

They discuss the path to market for implantable and augmentative devices, the balance between valuing open source and protecting intellectual property, the growth of the human augmentation community, and more. Say hello to Amanda on Twitter at @cyberlass.

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Show Notes

  • Amanda’s path to biohacking [2:25]

  • Where the interest stems from [4:04]

  • Amanda’s background [4:59]

  • Grindfest, Biohack.me, & Getting Involved [5:53]

  • Introducing Livestock Labs [9:51]

  • Australia & the founding [12:25]  

  • The decision to go for it [14:10]

  • The Livestock Labs System [15:34]

  • Current State of Development [16:38]

  • AI and Machine Learning [17:55]

  • Commercialization Timeline [18:41]

  • Fundraising, Investors, & Series A [20:15]

  • A path to humans [21:30]

  • Managing a team of biohackers [23:19]

  • Bringing biohacker tech to market [25:47]

  • Liabilities, Regulations, & Legalities [27:27]

  • Open Source, Patents, and Sharing [30:08]

  • Amanda’s Implants [32:07]

  • Powered implants & roadblocks to adoption [35:05]

  • What the community needs to grow [36:29]

  • How you can get involved [37:54]

  • Follow along with Amanda & Livestock Labs [39:27]

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    Amal Graafstra (Dangerous Things, VivoKey)
    Grindhouse Wetware
    Tim Cannon
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    Firefly Implants, Cyberise.me
    DEF CON Biohacking Village

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