Ep. 6 - Predicting the Future with Entrepreneur Rohit Bhargava

In this episode of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O'Shea interviews well known author and entrepreneur Rohit Bhargava about his strategies for curating trends and predicting the future. Rohit is also a professor at Georgetown University, and is known for coining the term Social Media Optimization. We dive into the new edition of his annual Trends Report, Non-Obvious, where we discuss the future of healthcare, invisible technology, self-aware data, the outsider effect, and more.

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Show Notes

  • How to collect ideas and cash them in. [1:20]
  • The added risk (and value) of near-term predictions [1:52]
  • What is a “Trend”? [3:45]
  • Benefit of the “outsider” & studying people [5:15]
  • Rohit’s method of finding trends [7:45]
  • Predicting the Trump phenomena [13:40]
  • Invisible Technology and Self Aware Data [15:19]
  • Interacting with Tech & Self-Driving Cars [17:10]
  • The E-Patient and Algorithm Healthcare [19:12]
  • Tips to prepare for and take advantage of the coming trends [21:35]
  • Moonshot Entrepreneurship and the social good [22:30]
  • The Hunger Games, Star Wars, & Fierce Femininity [22:50]
  • Keeping Focus & Making Time as an Entrepreneur [27:15]
  • The Value of Storytelling [28:05]
  • Importance of mental breaks [31:18]
  • How anyone can predict trends [32:25]


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Martin Lindstrom, Small Data
James Gleick, Time Travel
Richard Branson
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