Ep. 5 - Sensory Deprivation Tanks

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In this installment of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O'Shea explores the popular (and sometimes controversial) practice of sensory deprivation using an isolation tank, also known as a float tank. Users have reported psychedelic experiences, altered states of consciousness, easing of chronic pain, and even help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Ryan goes in the tank to experience sensory deprivation for himself.

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Show Notes

  • What is floating & sensory deprivation? [1:14]

  • How did Dave get into floating? [2:20]

  • A skeptics guide to floatation. What does the research say? [3:30]

  • Using floatation to rewrite the code of the brain [6:40]

  • Sensory Deprivation tanks in popular culture. Unreasonable expectations? [7:03]

  • The relationship between drugs and floating [8:46]

  • Mental health benefits of floating (anxiety, depression, etc.) [10:50]

  • Using sensory deprivation to hack the mind and enhance the senses [13:25]

  • Pairing sensory deprivation with other health & wellness services [15:00]

  • Minimum Effective Dose - frequency & length [16:33]

  • What's the experience like? [19:00]

  • Water filtration process and cleanliness [21:37]

  • The relationship between art, creatives, and floating [24:10]

  • Pittsburgh's tech and entrepreneur rise & the float audience [25:50]

  • The future of floating & the importance of standards & regulation [27:45]

  • The pitch for floating - why do it? [31:20]

  • Future Grind audience is awesome, where to find Dave & Levity [32:55]

  • Ryan's float tank experience & review in detail [33:45]


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Early Sensory Deprivation Pioneer John C. Lilly
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