Ep. 3 - The Future of Business with B.J. Murphy


In this installment of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O'Shea discusses the future of business with writer B.J. Murphy, an experienced futurist working with the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Serious Wonder, Planetary Resources, & more.

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Show Notes

  • What exactly was B.J. do, and why does futurism matter? [1:50]

  • Maintaining an interest in the dystopian while promoting the utopian [2:55]

  • From political activism to transhumanism & starting that conversation [4:00]

  • The Future of Business and the rise of body shops [6:18]

  • Aesthetic vs. Functional and the importance of access to augmentations [9:07]

  • A tipping point: the "disabled" become the enhanced // is biohacking medical? [12:51]

  • The future of evolution - augmentations are abundant, fast, cheap, and safe [16:49]

  • Economic systems need to evolve to keep up with the times [18:37]

  • How to impact the world with exponential technologies and redefining "billionaire" [20:12]

  • Protecting people in the age of abundance [22:35]

  • The ethics of emerging technologies and the ownership of your body [25:40]

  • Designer babies, vaccines, and the meaning of "choice" [29:55]

  • Speeding up scientific discoveries and technological advancement [34:30]

  • What's on the bookshelf of a futurist? What to read to be prepared [35:30]

  • Fostering a mindset of optimism, then working towards those goals [39:29]

Transcendent Man and Ray Kurzweil
Rohit TalwarThe Future of Business
Tim Cannon and Grindhouse Wetware
Dangerous Things
Jason Silva and #RedefineBillionaire
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET)
- The Right to Die, Cyborg Gender, and Future of Sex Laws by B.J. Murphy
Serious WonderBookshelf of a Futurist by B.J. Murphy
Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near
Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler's book BOLD
Michio KakuThe Future of the Mind

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