Ep. 25 - Robots Saving Lives with Jorgen Pedersen


In this installment of the Future Grind podcast host Ryan O’Shea speaks with Jorgen Pedersen, the Founder and CEO of RE2 Robotics. RE2 has developed what are perhaps the most advanced humanlike robotic arms in the world, which can be automated or tele-operated, and are currently used by the United States military to diffuse bombs. They also have applications in healthcare, agriculture, energy, and much more. Before starting RE2, Jorgen was a part of the founding team of Carnegie Mellon’s prestigious National Robotics Engineering Center. We discuss how robots can save lives, the controversy around robots on the battlefield, the future of automation, and more. If you’d like to support this podcast with a donation or find out more about sponsorship opportunities, you can visit the Support page.

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Show Notes

  • What is RE2? [1:34]

  • Getting humans out of danger [3:17]

  • Improving quality of life with robots [4:01]

  • Working as an R&D contractor [7:34]

  • Economies of Scale in the world of Robots [9:25]

  • The focus on robot arms [10:45]

  • The game-changing imitative controller [12:26]

  • RE2 tackles land, sea, & sky [18:16]

  • The lack of standard protocols & connections [23:27]

  • On working with the Department of Defense [25:06]

  • The importance of AI [27:08]

  • XPRIZE & the future of avatar technology [28:53]

  • Thoughts on automation & technological employment [32:39]

  • How space led Jorgen to CMU [34:59]

  • RE2 arms in space? [37:39]

  • The founding of NREC [38:50]

  • Why be an entrepreneur? [40:45]

  • Pittsburgh [41:44]

  • The future of robots [43:29]

  • What’s next for RE2? [45:38]

  • How to keep up to date [47:26]

Dr. Rory Cooper, Human Engineering Research Laboratories
Imitative Controllers
Robotics: Science and Systems
Pitt Brain Implant Studies
CMU Robotics Institute
National Robotics Engineering Center
Uber Advanced Technologies Group

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