Ep. 13 - The Future is Meow with Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow

In this episode of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O’Shea speaks with Australia’s own Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow. Meow - and yes, that’s his real name - was crowned a “True Leaders Game Changer” by the Australian Financial Review for his efforts to democratize science and technology. These efforts include co-founding Australia’s first open-access molecular biology lab, BioFoundry, in 2014 and being the Science Party candidate for an Australian House of Representatives seat in 2017. Meow teaches courses on cryptocurrency and blockchain, and is currently at the center of a very important legal case that could set a precedent in the emerging field of cyborg law. He’ll update everyone on this case during a talk his he giving at BDYHAX, the human augmentation conference, February 2-4, 2018, in Austin, Texas.

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Show Notes

  • Meow’s path to biohacking [1:50]
  • How BioFoundry got it’s start [4:40]
  • Navigating regulation & gaining legitimacy [6:23]
  • Possible futures in gene therapy [8:00]
  • Lab-grown meat, Mars farms, & other BioFoundry projects [9:21]
  • The Hip-Hop roots of the Five Pillars of Biohacking [14:04]
  • Implanting the Opal card, Controversy, & Cyborg Rights [15:33]
  • Meow’s NFC Implants [24:57]
  • Grindhouse, VivoKey, & exciting things to come [26:03]
  • Blockchain & cryptocurrencies [29:38]
  • The Science Party & Meow’s run for office [36:17]
  • BDYHAX & Cyborg Ethics [41:54]
  • Explanation of the name Meow [46:34]
  • Where to find Meow [49:00]
  • VR, Facebook, & Innovation [49:48]
  • Final Singularity God-like Entity [52:22]


Grindhouse Wetware
Counter Culture Labs
Josiah Zayner, The ODIN
Liz Parrish, BioViva
Tim Cannon
Amal Graafstra, Dangerous Things
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Rich Lee
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Science Party
Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Party
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