Ep. 38 - The Future of Hiring with Anessa Fike


In this installment of the Future Grind podcast, host Ryan O’Shea sits down with Anessa Fike, the CEO & Founder of Fike + Co. Fike + Co. has been doing talent and people operations differently for the last decade. They are not your typical consulting firm, and they are not a staffing firm or agency. They help businesses at all stages of development - whether they are just starting out or need help scaling or growing into the next stage. Fike + Co. is focused on connecting people and culture. Anessa is here to discuss the future of hiring - the changing workforce, AI assisted hiring, future-proof skillsets, controversies, and so much more. While many episodes of Future Grind are discussing a future that is years off, this episode will have an impact today. So if you are starting or changing careers, are in school, are looking to expand, or know of people in those positions, this episode has actionable advice that can be put into practice immediately.

This episode is sponsored by Fike + Co., but that’s not the reason Anessa is here. As you’ll see, Anessa is an expert in this field, and I’m excited for you to have the opportunity to learn from her.

There are a ton of entrepreneurs and business leaders listening to this, and I’m confident that Anessa and her team can help your organization grow. They know how important it is to understand your unique workplace culture, and to find candidates that fit seamlessly into existing organizations. If you’re looking to grow, or just want to bounce around ideas and explore possibilities, please visit them at fikeandco.com.

This episode was recorded on location at the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

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Show Notes

  • What is Fike + Co? [2:51]

  • Anessa’s Story [5:31]

  • AI & Automation Replacing Humans [10:45]

  • Future-Proof Skills [13:14]

  • Contractors, Gig Economy, & Remote Work [15:29]

  • The Changing Workforce [18:36]

  • The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility [21:47]

  • The Controversy Around Targeted Ads [23:22]

  • Discrimination, Laws, & Compliance [26:58]

  • Social Media - To Check or Not To Check [28:29]

  • Culture [32:35]

  • Getting a Job Without a Degree [36:26]

  • Fike + Co. in the Future [38:42]

  • Utilizing Recruiters as a Job Seeker [41:41]

  • New Podcast Coming Soon [42:58]

  • Advice for Companies Looking to Expand [44:29]

    The Motley Fool
    Amazon’s biased hiring AI
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Controversy Around Targeted Employment Ads

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