The Future Grind podcast explores the future through science, technology, business, politics, and philosophy. Hosted by television producer, entrepreneur, and futurist speaker Ryan O’Shea, Future Grind interviews and discusses innovators and thought leaders that are working to build our future. Biohacking, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, space exploration, and societal ramifications are frequent topics of conversation. All episodes and show notes can be found below.

Ep. 10 - Kevin Warwick on Project Cyborg

Ep. 9 - James Young & The Phantom Limb

Ep. 8 – Ryan O'Shea on Dangerous Minds

Ep. 7 – The Ethics of Experimentation with Alex Pearlman

Ep. 6 – Predicting the Future with Entrepreneur Rohit Bhargava

Ep. 5 – Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Video Feature 1 – Behind the Wheel of a Self-Driving Uber

Ep. 4 – US Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan

Ep. 3 – The Future of Business with B.J. Murphy

Ep. 2 – Space Exploration and Mars Colonization with TRED Labs’ Christopher Jannette

Ep. 1 – Tim Cannon of Grindhouse Wetware on Biohacking and Transhumanism

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